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Centre for Healthcare Education Research & Scholarship

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The Centre for Healthcare Education Research & Scholarship (CHERS) aims to be a place that brings people together from across the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Centre to form a vibrant community of Health Professions Education (HPE) researchers. Talented, passionate and committed HPE researchers will be offered focused mentoring towards sustained internal and external grant funding opportunities.

Our vision to be a leading HPE research centre drives us to develop a longitudinal strategy guided by the twin principles of Pasteur's Quadrant and Programmatic Research. Adopting Pasteur's research stance, we will engage in theoretically robust research informing teaching and learning practices. Programmatic Research will help us to systematically tackle wicked problems using multi-faceted research approaches. 


Pasteur's Quadrant
Adapted from Pasteur’s Quadrant: Basic Science and Technological Innovation (1997)

We hope that our longitudinal development strategy will bring us into a future where our HPE researchers will not only be adept at integrating important new developments with existing knowledge bases, but also have the insight and vision to define critical issues for future research and establish research agendas for the field. 

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