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Surgical Skills Development

​To improve breadth of MSKSC teaching in the residency programmes and mitigate current gaps in the curriculum, MSKSC ACP aims to improve quality of resident teaching by focusing on surgical approaches and techniques for specific procedures through joint cadaveric courses staggered throughout the trainees’ Residency Programmes. 

The usage of cadavers for teaching, conducted in the form of surgical courses and workshops, allows trainees to gain hands-on practical experience and training in the relevant surgical approaches and techniques. Common infrastructural facilities optimize the learning experience and foster bonding among trainees from the different musculoskeletal disciplines.

Some workshops that have been organised include:

      o 2019 Wrist Arthroscopy Course

      o 2018 AM-ETHOS Musculoskeletal Surgical Simulation Curriculum

      o 2018 Wrist Arthroscopy Course

      o 2017 Pre-WRSM Microsurgery, Robotics and Cadaveric Perforator Flap Course