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Professional Services

‚ÄčIf you are looking at seeking domain experts such as Key Opinion Leader(s) (KOL(s)) to provide expert advisories prior/post product launch, the voice of customers or professional evaluation of product pre/post regulatory approval (e.g. validation trial review, etc.,)

Book your consultation sessions with us now via

Consultation Sessions with KOLs

Not just an unstructured conversation or consultation, our team at TIC goes beyond to systematically work with the enterprise to go through a well-constructed questionnaires and reach out to engage domain experts for inputs. TIC value-adds and formalizes this consultation with a report to the enterprise and facilitates a one-hour follow-up clarification consultation with the domain KOL(s).


Prototyping Services @ Makerspace

A collaborative workspace for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. Users will need to go through prototyping training if they wish to prototype on their own. Alternatively, TIC Engineers assistance can be booked via the centre or through your SingHealth Collaborator.


Sample of Hardware available

  1. 3D Printers
  2. Mechanical Workbench & Tools
  3. Fume-hood (e.g. for non-biological related work)
  4. DAQ devices (e.g. National Instruments)
  5. General Electrical/ Electronics Test Equipment (e.g. AC/DC Power Supply, Signal Gen, Volt/ Current/ Signal Measurement, etc)
  6. IOT Devices (e.g. Mobile Devices)

Digital Access/ Software

  1. 3D Design/Simulation (e.g. Solidworks/ ANSI)
  2. System Interface/ Integration (e.g. LabView)

For the comprehensive list of hardware and software available at TIC, contact us via

SuperComputer Workstations

With the MoU signing between SingHealth and National Super Computing Centre, TIC is glad to host the high-speed supercomputers at our physical space. If you are looking at utilising this facilities, kindly book a session via the centre or through your SingHealth Collaborator.

supercom workstation.png