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Space @ TIC

The centre is made up of different spaces to suit different events and functions. All facitilites are for scheduled access via the centre or through your SingHealth Collaborator. Find out more below!

Alcove (Lobby)

Be greeted and inspired by the extensive TIC Partners' logos, Innovators’ features & Product showcases at the entrance.

Courtyard (Focus Discussion Area)

A homely and casual self/group networking or discussion space for all. To host comfortably up to 20pax.

Suitable for Fireside chats, Shark Tanks, Innovation Night Sharing, Standing Casual Discussions, Fun Activities.


Lawn (Main Activities Area)

Innovation emulation, identifying and accelerating an opportunity/business model. Space can be booked through TIC system. Lighting suitable for photography is also available. Able to accommodate up to 80pax.

Suitable for Interviews, Events, Mockups, Product Launches and Showcase and Workshops.


Call Pod and Discussion Pods

Fitted pods for private and confidential calls are available for all to use (subject to availability). 2 Single Duo for 1pax and 2 Quadrate pods for 4pax each pod can be booked via the centre's booking system.

Suitable for private meetings and discussions.

Carvery (Mockup Area)

To conduct simulation-based mock-up evaluations and have end-users enact realistic processes and procedures within the mock-up. These evaluations proactively identify opportunities to enhance quality and patient safety, staff efficiency, etc. The space will be equipped with high-speed internet for teleconferencing. Able to accommodate up to 20 pax.

Suitable for Mockups, showcase conferencing calls and simulation of processes in wards and clinics.


Sanctuary (Brainstorming Room)

Productivity focus on co-working space to support the needs of users. 3 sides of the walls are mounted with glass/writable whiteboards for brainstorming and documentation of ideas. Able to accommodate up to 10 pax.

Suitable for brainstorming sessions, small group discussions and quick non-confidential calls.


Hotdesk @ Santuary (Brainstorming Room)

Available in the Sanctuary for 2 pax for those looking at getting some me-time to work on your work.

Working Suites 1 - 6

Recommended layouts to support the needs and it’s flexible to suit every partner's requirements of office space. Office space for teams with lockable function and stationary/ IT amenities (Wireless@SGx) as well as glass whiteboards.
Suite 1 and 6 – Max 4 pax per room
Suite 2 – Max 2 pax
Suite 3  to 5 (movable partitions) – Min 2 pax per room (divided) and Max 6pax (fully open)


For more information

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