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Are you a business looking for innovations or an investor interested in handpicked startups?

The Innovation Centre should be your first port of call. It is a platform that allows reach and resources to bridge critical gaps through targeted programmes and intervention.

Engaging with us would be your first step towards being enterprising!

7.pngExploration and Ideation Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Assistance on Technology validation
  • Training programmes to kickstart innovation culture in your company 

24.pngTranslation Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Pipeline (Product/Services) Capabilities Development
  • Assist Tech hunting
  • Concept feasibility test
  • Mid-point concept/ project evaluation
  • Concept design validation
  • Sharing of Domain Insights
  • Consultation with KOLs

6.pngCommercialization Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Assessment of impact and suitability for scaling up
  • Test-bedding
  • Product Validation and trials
  • Professional Services
  • Focus Engagement
  • Sale of product/services

12.pngAdoption Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Expert Advisory
  • Product Optimzation
  • Assistance in facilitating adoption and scaling in hospital setting 

Indepeth Partnerships

Are you looking into more than just improving your innovation projects or expanding your innovation portfolio? The centre will be able to assist you on the following:

  • Assistance on moving portfolio companies forward
  • Thematic Programs
  • Technology customization
  • Grant Application

Looking for more than just these?

Other assistance suggestions are:

  • Product Showcase
  • Experience Centre
  • Use of tools/equipments

For more information, refer to our capabilities page.