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Are you looking for experience and aspiration on creative innovation works that prepare your students and faculty to be the global-ready talent to take on roles in global/local enterprises, and with the vision of Singapore becoming an innovation-driven economy?

The Innovation Innovation Centre would be a platform that provides resources on clinical, educational and research support. Engage with us today to find out more!

Assistance suggestions for Students/Interns

  • Internship opportunties with SingHealth Project Teams to work on innovations that will make an impact to the healthcare sector
  • Final Year project matching with real-world project teams
  • Opportunity to work with healthcare professionals to uncover unmet needs in the sector

7.pngExploration and Ideation Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Consultation sessions with our team to find out how can your innovations be validated
  • Assistance in refining your idea to suit the ecosystem/healthcare needs
  • Assistance on Technhology Scanning 

24.pngTranslation Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Concept feasibility test
  • Linking up with companies for co-development
  • IP, Reimbursements, Regulatory and business model crafting
  • Creation of Initial Prototype
  • Mid-point concept/ project evaluation
  • Concept design validation

6.pngCommercialization Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Strategy setting for business
  • Assessment of impact and suitability for scaling up
  • Test-bedding
  • Clinical Validation and trials

12.pngAdoption Phase

Assistance Suggestions

  • Assistance in facilitating adoption and scaling in hospital setting
  • Linking up with companies for licensing 

Looking for more than just these?

Other assistance suggestions are:

  • Product Showcase
  • Experience Centre
  • Use of tools/equipments

For more information, refer to our capabilities page.