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The Innovation Centre provides highly curated events surrounding Innovating for Healthcare and invites luminaries from various domains to share their insights and experience.

Find out more on what are the events organized by the centre below.


To reduce the amount of service disruption and stress to the patients, clinics, wards and surgery, the centre looks at bringing the departments to the centre instead. With this, the centre will help end-users enact realistic processes and procedures within the mock-up. These evaluations proactively identify opportunities to enhance quality and patient safety, staff efficiency, etc.

These events can be done at our Lawn and Carvery (Main Activities and Mock Up areas).

Find out more about the space on our Space @ TIC page.

Lectures/Sharing/Hands-on Workshops

The Innovation centre runs adhoc lectures, workshops and sharing sessions centred on the various innovation journey phases and different areas of innovation with Key Opinion expertise in the various domains. Get this opportunity to learn from the best, know the pitfalls and start ahead of others with the series of events scheduled for you.

These events will happen at the Courtyard (Open Discussion Area) and Lawn (Main Activities Area).

Below are the series to stay tuned for 2022:

  1. Prototyping
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Design Thinking
  4. Biodesign Process
  5. AI



Innovation cannot be done in a silo. The centre is excited to welcome all who wish to come to network and meet other innovators or key industry stakeholders. Share and learn in our casual and intimate setting at any point in time.

The events will happen at the Coutyard (Open Discussion Area), Lawn (Main Activities Area), Carvery (Mockup Areas) and Sanctuary (Brainstorming Room).