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Dr Tan Aaron Chia-Ken

Dr Tan Aaron Chia-Ken

MBBS, BSc(Med)Hons, PhD, FRACP

Associate Consultant

Clinical Appointments

  • Associate Consultant Division of Medical Oncology National Cancer Centre SingaporeNational Cancer Centre Singapore


Dr Aaron is a Medical Oncologist at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), having completed his specialty training in Medical Oncology (FRACP) in Sydney, Australia. He also completed a PhD in cancer drug discovery at The University of Sydney in 2011. At NCCS, he completed a fellowship in drug development/early phase trials and lung cancer translational research.


  • FRACP (Medical Oncology)
    • Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP)
    • 2013-2018
  • PhD
    • University of Sydney
    • 2008-2010
  • MBBS
    • University of New South Wales
    • 2004-2011
  • BSc(Med)Hons
    • University of New South Wales
    • 2007

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships


  • NMRC CS-IRG New Investigator Grant (NIG; 2023-24)
  • ASCO Breakthrough Merit Award (2023)
  • A*STAR Biomedical Engineering Programme (2022-24)
  • NMRC CS-IRG New Investigator Grant (NIG; 2022-23)
  • NNCCS Cancer Fund (Research) Pilot Grant (2021-23)
  • Early Career Education Award, WCLC 2020 (2021)
  • SingHealth Publish! Award 2021 & 2022
  • IASLC Fellowship (2018-2020)
  • ESMO Asia Merit Award (2019)
  • IASLC Academy Award (2019-2020)
  • ESMO Translational Research Unit Fellowship (04/2019)
  • ASCO Merit Award (2018)
  • RIRDC Top-Up Scholarship (2009-2010)
  • CSIRO Full Postgraduate Scholarship (2009-2010)
  • Australian Young Innovators & Scientists Award (2008)

Research Interests

Publications and Research Trials

  • Tan AC, Tan SH, Ang MK, Tan DSW. First-line ALK inhibitors in treatment-naive advanced ALK rearranged non-small cell lung cancer: systematic review and network meta-analysis. Precis Cancer Med, 2023;6:3.
  • Tan AC, Pavlakis N. Anti-Angiogenic Therapy in ALK Rearranged Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Int J Mol Sci, 2022;23:8863.
  • Tan AC, Kobayashi K, Saw SPL et al. Immunotherapy with chemotherapy and anti-angiogenic therapy for EGFR mutated NSCLC: challenging the dogma. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther, 2022;Nov 30:1-4.
  • Tan AC#, Saw SPL#, Chen J et al. Clinical and Genomic Features of HER2 Exon 20 Insertion Mutations and Characterization of HER2 Expression by Immunohistochemistry in East Asian Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. JCO Prec Onc, 2022;6:e2200278.
  • Tan AC, Tan SH, Zhou S et al. Efficacy of targeted therapies for oncogene-driven lung cancer in early single-arm versus late phase randomized clinical trials: A comparative analysis. Cancer Treat Rev, 2022;104:102354.
  • Tan AC, Tan TJY, Saw SPL et al. Trials without borders-decentralized trials and ensuring access to novel cancer therapies during a global pandemic. ESMO Open, 2022;7:100537.
  • Tan AC. The Role of Liquid Biopsy in the Diagnostic Testing Algorithm for Advanced Lung Cancer. Onco, 2022;2:181-5.
  • Tan AC, Tan DSW. Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer Patients With Oncogenic Driver Molecu-lar Alterations. J Clin Oncol, 2022;40:611-25.
  • Tan AC, Boggs DH, Lee EQ, Kim MM, Mehta MP, Khasraw M. Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria and Recently Approved Cancer Therapies for Patients With Brain Metastases. Frontiers in Oncol-ogy, 2022;11:780379.
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  • Tan AC, Bagley SJ, Wen PY, Lim M, Platten M, Colman H, Ashley DM, Wick W, Chang SM, Galanis E, Mansouri A, Khagi S, Mehta MP, Heimberger AB, Puduvalli VK, Reardon DA, Sa-hebjam S, Simes J, Antonia SJ, Berry D, Khasraw M. Systematic review of combinations of tar-geted or immunotherapy in advanced solid tumors. J Immunother Cancer, 2021;9:e002459.
  • Chua KP#, Teng Y#, Tan AC#, Takano A, Alvarez JJS, Nahar R, Rohatgi N, Lai GGY, Aung ZW, Yeong JPS, Lim KH, Naeini MM, Kassam I, Jain A, Tan WL, Gogna A, Too CW, Kanesvaran R, Ng QS, Ang MK, Rajasekaran T, Anantham D, Phua GC, Tan BS, Lee YY, Wang L, Teo ASM, Khng AJ, Lim MJ, Suteja L, Toh CK, Lim WT, Iyer NG, Tam WL, Tan EH, Zhai W, Hillmer AM, Skanderup AJ, Tan DSW. Integrative Profiling of T790M Negative EGFR Mu-tated NSCLC Reveals Pervasive Lineage Transition and Therapeutic Opportunities. Clin Canc Res, 2021;21:5939-5950.
  • Tan AC, Chan J, Khasraw M. The role for immunotherapy in fusion-driven lung cancer. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther, 2021;21:461-4.
  • Tan AC, Loh TJ, Kwang XL, Tan GS, Lim KH, Tan DSW. Novel Therapies for Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with MET Exon 14 Alterations: A Spotlight on Capmatinib. Lung Cancer (Auckl), 2021;12:11-20.
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Research Trials

  • ATORG-003: A single-arm, open-label, phase 2 study of dacomitinib with or without dose titration for the first-line treatment of locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer in subjects with an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activation mutation
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