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Dr Shen Xiayan

Dr Shen Xiayan from National Heart Centre Singapore

Dr Shen Xiayan

MBBS, MRCP (UK), M Med (Internal Medicine), FAMS

Associate Consultant

Clinical Appointments

  • Associate Consultant Department of Cardiology National Heart Centre SingaporeNational Heart Centre Singapore
  • Associate Consultant NHCS Cardiology @ SKH Sengkang General HospitalSengkang General Hospital


​<p>Dr Shen Xiayan is an Associate Consultant from the Department of Cardiology at National Heart Centre Singapore. He received his medical training from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore and graduated in 2014. He then obtained the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom in 2017 and the Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine in 2018. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency in 2019 at National University Health System, and assumed positions of Associate Chief Resident and Chief Resident during his Residency. Thereafter, he completed his Cardiology Senior Residency in 2023 with Singapore Health Services, serving as Chief Resident.

His clinical subspecialty interest is in echocardiography and multimodality imaging to diagnose, prognosticate and guide management of patients. He has a keen interest in research and education, and has published in various peer reviewed journals and presented widely in regional/ international conferences. In 2021, he received the Singhealth Publish! Award in recognition of his research contribution.</p>


  • ​Master of Medicine, M Med (Internal Medicine), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, 31 March 2018
  • Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom, MRCP (UK), 15 October 2017
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, 30 April 2014

Professional Appointments and Committee Memberships

  • ​Associate Consultant, Department of Cardiology, National Heart Centre Singapore, March 2023 – Present
  • Fellow, Academy Medicine of Singapore, March 2023 – Present
  • Chief Resident, Cardiology Senior Residency, National Heart Centre Singapore, Singapore Health Services, July 2021 – June 2022 
  • Chief Resident, Internal Medicine Residency, National University Health System, July 2018 – June 2019 
  • Associate Chief Resident, Internal Medicine Residency, National University Health System, July 2015 – June 2016 
  • Clinical Educator, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, 2020 – Present 
  • Singhealth Associate in Education, Singhealth, September 2020 – Present 
  • Member, EMR Documentation Review Workgroup, 14 November 2022 – Present 
  • Member, Singapore Armed Forces Cardiac Fitness Centre (SCFC) Database and Protocols Committee, 2016 – 2017 


  • ​Champion, Fellow in Training Jeopardy (Singapore), Singapore Cardiac Society, 2022
  • Singhealth Publish! Award 2021
  • NUHS Internal Medicine Residency Excellence Award 2019
  • NUHS Internal Medicine Residency Excellence Award 2018
  • NUHS Internal Medicine Best Resident Tutor Award (AY 2017/2018)
  • National University of Singapore 8th Student Achievement Awards 2013
  • National University of Singapore 7th Student Achievement Awards 2012 - Community Projects Merit Award (Individual Category)
  • National University of Singapore (NUS) 6th Student Achievement Awards 2011 - Community Projects (Individual Category)

Research Interests

  • Echocardiography
  • Multimodality Imaging

Publications and Research Trials

  • ​T Wave Inversion with Echocardiography in an Unselected Young Male Preparticipation Cohort; Wilbert H. H. Ho, Daniel Y. Z. Lim, Nishanth Thiagarajan, Hankun Wang, Wesley T. W. Loo, Gerald G. R. Sng, Joshua S. W. Lee, Xiayan Shen, Mayank Dalakoti, Ching‐Hui Sia, Benjamin Y. Q. Tan, Huai Yang Lim, Luo‐Kai Wang, Weien Chow, Terrance S. J. Chua, Paul C. Y. Lim, Tee Joo Yeo and Daniel T. T. Chong: Journal of the American Heart Association. 2023 Mar 21:e026975. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.122.026975. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 36942750.

  • The utilization of atrial sensing dipole in single lead implantable cardioverter defibrillator for detection of new-onset atrial high-rate episodes or subclinical atrial fibrillation: A systematic review and meta-analysis Xuanming Pung, Daniel Zhihao Hong, Tzyy Yeou Ho, Xiayan Shen, Pei Ting Tan, Colin Yeo, Vern Hsen Tan Journal of Arrhythmia. 2022 Jan 15;38(2):177-186. 

  • Acute pericarditis and cardiac tamponade after Covid-19 vaccination Xiayan Shen, Michelle Siew Hui Koh, Benji Yaozong Lim, Marjurie Demo-Os, Jaime Mei Fong Chien, Anindita Santosa, Aza Abdulmawjood Taha Singapore Medical Journal. 2021 Nov 8. doi: 10.11622/smedj.2021195. Online ahead of print.

  • Machine learning versus classic electrocardiographic criteria for the detection of echocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy in a pre-participation cohort Daniel Y.Z. Lim, Gerald Sng, Wilbert H.H. Ho, Wang Hankun, Ching-Hui Sia, Joshua S.W. Lee, Xiayan Shen, Benjamin Y.Q. Tan, Edward C.Y. Lee, Mayank Dalakoti, Wang Kang Jie, Clarence K.W. Kwan, Weien Chow, Ru San Tan, Carolyn S.P. Lam, Terrance S.J. Chua, Tee Joo Yeo, Daniel T.T. Chong Kardiologia Polska. 2021;79(6):654-661.

  • Electrocardiography findings in right ventricular apical pacing X. Shen, CH. Sia,  KK. Poh, W. Huang, KL. Ho Singapore Medical Journal. 2020 Oct;61(10):517-522.

  • Effectiveness of near-peer simulation for managing the acutely deteriorating patient among residents of an internal medicine junior residency programme Shen Xiayan, Tay Wei Rong Benjamin, Ngaim Jinghao Nicholas, Mok Shao Rong John, Tan Yong-Qiang Benjamin, Mok Shao Feng, Yap Eng Soo, Khoo See Meng  Singapore Medical Journal. 2020 Jan;61 (1):34-38.

  • Prevalence of Brugada Syndrome in a Large Population of Young Singaporean Men: X. Shen, BYQ Tan, CH. Sia, JSW Lee, M. Dalakoti, K. Wang, DYZ. Lim, GGR. Sng, ECY. Lee, W. Chow, CKW. Kwan, LK. Wang, BY. Tan, PCY. Lim, KCM. Chua, KL. Ho, ETS. Lim, CK. Ching, WS. Teo, TSJ. Chua, RS. Tan, TJ. Yeo, DTT. Chong  Circulation. 2020 Jan;141:155-157.

  • Perceptions of a night float system for intern doctors in an Internal Medicine program – An Asian perspective Benjamin YQ Tan, Nicholas JH Ngiam, Zi Yun Chang, Sandra MY Tan, Xiayan Shen, Shao Feng Mok, Subramanian Srinivas, Shirley BS Ooi, Adrian CL Kee Korean Journal of Medical Education. 2019 Sep;31(3):271-276.

  • A Population-wide Study of Electrocardiographic (ECG) Norms and the Effect of Demographic and Anthropometric factors on selected ECG characteristics in young South-East Asian males – Results from the Singapore Armed Forces ECG (SAFE) Study; Ching-Hui Sia, Mayank Dalakoti, Benjamin YQ Tan, Edward CY Lee, Xiayan Shen, Kangjie Wang, Joshua S Lee, Shalini Arulanandam, Chow Weien, Tee Joo Yeo, Khung Keong Yeo, Terrance SJ Chua, Ru San Tan, Carolyn SP Lam, Daniel TT Chong: Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology. 2019 May;24(3):e12634.

  • Characterization of the Aortic Pulse Profile of a Radial Artery Applanation Tonometry Device in Patients With Aortic Stenosis; Jinghao Nicholas Ngaim, Xiayan Shen, Yong-Qiang Benjamin Tan, Yiong-Huak Chan, Kian-Keong Poh BMJ Innovations. 2018;4:24-28.

  • Allometric Relations for Cardiac Size and Longitudinal Function in Healthy Chinese Adults: Normal Ranges and Clinical Correlates; Michael CH Seng, Xiayan Shen, Kangjie Wang, Daniel TT Chong, Jiang Ming Fam, Nadira Hamid, Mohammed Rizwan Amanullah, Khung Keong Yeo, See Hooi Ewe, Terrance SJ Chua, Zee Pin Ding, Anders Sahlén; Circulation Journal. 2018 Jun 25;82(7):1836-1843. 

  • The SHARPEN clinical risk score predicts mortality in patients with infective endocarditis: An 11-year study; Qiao-Zhi Chee, Yong-Qiang Benjamin Tan, Jinghao Nicholas Ngaim, Ma Thin Mar Win, Xiayan Shen, Jia-Neng Jack Choo, Yiong-Huak Chan, Paul Ananth Tambyah, Kian-Keong Poh. International Journal of Cardiology. 2015 Jul 15;191:273-6.

  • Stroke Literacy in Singapore: Data from a survey of public housing estate residents; Lim WY, Chuang DF, Chue KM, Lee Damian ZQ, Leong Nicholas JJ, Ng ZG, Peng KL, Shen XY, Tham YN, Wang KJ, De Silva DAnnals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore. 2014 Sep;43(9):454-63.

Research Trials

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