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Funding Opportunities

ACP Programme Funding: Global Health Support


To promote interest in and provide opportunities for global health projects in the region in line with academic medicine priorities.

Funding Details

Funding quantum for each proposal is capped at $50,000. A total quantum of S$300,000 p.a. or S$150,000 for award per cycle. The duration of the project may range for a year and up to a maximum of 3 years.


Proposals must be for either one or more of these activities:
  • Research 
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Innovation*new
  • Capacity Building in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in Asia, with preference given to ASEAN countries.
  1. Seed development of Global Health projects with academic merit.
  2. Research proposals must be for projects that are implemented in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in Asia, with preference given to those conducted in ASEAN countries.
  3. Education proposals can include activities within Singapore or in LMICs in Asia with preference for ASEAN countries. A list of ASEAN countries can be found at and a list of LMICs at
  4. Proposals that are considered more favourably: 

    a.       Have application potential or wider impact implementation

    b.      Have a sustainable line of GH research/ educational opportunities

    c.       Results generated can be used to apply for or attract future external funding.

  5. Projects must have clear and measurable deliverables that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and/ or practice in academic medicine.
  6. New investigators or investigators new to GH are encouraged.
  7. Applications must include letters of support from a co-Principal Investigator and a senior administrator from the collaborating institute in the partner country(s).
  8. For more information on ACP Programme Funding, please visit this page.

Submission/Application Procedure for Surgery ACP Faculty

  • All proposals will be pre-reviewed by Surgery Academic Chair and an internal reviewer(s)
  • Projects that are not pre-reviewed will not be accepted.

For enquiries, please contact

Lim Shing Yee:

Han Qi’En:

Timeline of grant call

Grant call is recurrent and conducted twice a year.

Call for Project Nomination

Cycle 1: August to September

Cycle 2: February to March

Past Awardees

Global Health Support FY22 C2 Awardee.JPG

Publicity - FY2022 C1.JPG

Publicity - FY2021 C2 (2).JPGPublicity - FY2020 C1 (2).JPG