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Funding Opportunities

Clinical and Systems Innovation Support (CSI)


CSI aims to promote clinical and systems innovation to transform healthcare, in support of SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC priorities.

Guiding Principles

The overarching goal of the Clinical & Systems Innovation proposals is to transform healthcare, especially in areas pertaining to:

  1. Improvement of patient experience, clinical outcomes, and patient safety.
  2. Reduction in per capita cost of healthcare, promote quality and value-driven academic outcomes.
  3. Improvement of the overall experience of providing care.
  4. Improvement of the overall national and population health.

The objective of the project should not be to start a clinical service or to enhance any existing services, which should be funded by the healthcare institution.

Funding Protocol

Funding quantum for each proposal is capped at S$100,000.

The duration of the project may range from a year to a maximum of 3 years.

For more information on CSI, please visit this page.