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Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD)

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - What is it for

At SGH Rheumatology and Immunology Department (RHI), we see patients with Adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD). It is a rare systemic inflammatory disorder that primarily affects adults. It is characterized by recurring episodes of spiking fever, joint pain and inflammation, skin rash, sore throat, and other general symptoms of inflammation, such as fatigue, muscle pain, and loss of appetite.

It is worth nothing that in some cases, AOSD may be confused with infection (sepsis), and even cancer. Vice-versa, infections (sepsis) and cancer may appear as if it is AOSD, even to doctor. Essentially, it is important for the Rheumatologist at SGH RHI to assess you carefully to ensure that you have AOSD, and not sepsis or any underlying cancer. This is so that you are given the correct treatment. 

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Symptoms

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - How to prevent?

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Causes and Risk Factors

​The exact cause of AOSD is unknown, but it is believed to be an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the body's immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissues. AOSD can affect various organs of the body, including the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen.

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Diagnosis

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Treatments

Treatment for AOSD typically involves the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control inflammation and pain, and corticosteroids to suppress the immune system. Other medications, such as disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), can also be used to reduce inflammation and prevent joint damage.

​AOSD is a chronic condition, but with proper management, many people with the disease can lead normal, active lives. If you are experiencing symptoms of AOSD, it is important to seek medical attention promptly and/or visit SGH RHI, as early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent complications and improve outcomes.

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Preparing for surgery

Adult-Onset Still’s Disease (AOSD) - Post-surgery care

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