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Case Management

SGH Psychiatric Case Management Service

Case Management - What is it for

Case Management involves a dynamic collaboration between the case manager, the patient, and the patient’s support network, focused on providing patient-centered care while offering support and empowering patients and their loved ones during the recovery process. 

It includes the following aspects:
  1. Conducting comprehensive assessments to holistically identify the various needs of the patient and their loved ones;
  2. Creating and developing care plans with the patient and their loved ones, tailored to their needs and preferences; 
  3. Monitoring and reviewing the patient’s progress and recovery goals; and
  4. Coordinating a range of relevant services to address the patient’s specific needs throughout different stages of recovery. 

Case Management - Symptoms

Case Management - How to prevent?

Case Management - Causes and Risk Factors

Case Management - Diagnosis

Case Management - Treatments

​Managing case management involves working closely along side a case manager who optimises the patient's recovery journey by:

  • Enhancing the patient's understanding of their condition, treatments, and coping strategies through psychoeducation and useful resources (e.g. signs and symptoms, managing side effects, etc.);
  • Closely engaging with the multi-disciplinary team, including psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, therapists, dieticians, and medical social workers, to advocate for the patient and promptly address their concerns;
  • Identifying and facilitating connections between patients and suitable hospital and community-based services, ensuring personalised care and seamless transitions; and
  • Offering emotional and psychological support to both patients and their caregivers.

Psychiatric Case Management Service in SGH

Case management services are available to patients and caregivers within SGH’s Department of Psychiatry. If you or a loved one wish to receive case management support, please speak to your psychiatrist, and our dedicated team of case managers will promptly reach out to you.

Download a flyer to learn more about SGH Psychiatric Case Mangement Service:

SGH Psychiatric Case Management Service.pdf

Case Management - Preparing for surgery

Case Management - Post-surgery care

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