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Clavical Bone Fracture

Clavical Bone Fracture - How to prevent?

Clavical Bone Fracture - Post-surgery care

How to swaddle your baby with clavicle fracture (e.g. right clavicle fracture)

Guide safety tips

1. Place the baby in the blanket on his back and flex the affected right elbow across his chest and gently hold it in place.

2. Pull the corner of the blanket from the affected side to wrap around the baby’s baby’s body and tuck it under his back on the opposite side. This helps to hold the baby's baby's affected arm in place across his chest.

3. Then fold up the bottom of the blanket over the baby’s feet before wrapping other side of the blanket across the baby’s body.

4. In the end, the entire upper body should be wrapped with the affected arm flexed in the 90 degree position and held securely to ensure minimal movement.