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Tics - What is it for

  • Tics are involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalisations.
  • Individuals with multiple motor tics and vocal tics for more than 1 year have Tourette’s syndrome.
  • More information on Tourette’s syndrome can be found here.
  • Tics can wax and wane. It can get worse with stress, low mood, anxiety or insufficient sleep.
  • Find out how youths can manage these better at our youth well-being webpage.
  • For younger children, there are resources on sleep and anxiety from Department of Child Development

Tics - Symptoms

Tics - How to prevent?

Tics - Causes and Risk Factors

Tics - Diagnosis

Tics - Treatments

  • Most children do not require intervention for tics.
  • Intervention is considered when tics affect a child’s movement or speech, relationships e.g. bullying, self-esteem or family life.
  • Behavioural intervention is provided at psychology service for children primary school and above.
  • Paediatric neurologist can prescribe medication for tics when required.

Tics - Preparing for surgery

Tics - Post-surgery care

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