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Urticaria - Symptoms

Urticaria - How to prevent?

Urticaria - Causes and Risk Factors

Urticaria - Treatments

Can Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria be cured? 

In about half of the people who has chronic spontaneous urticaria, the rash last for 6 to 12 months, and then gradually disappears.  It can, however, last considerably longer and the course sometimes unpredictable. 

The symptoms of urticaria can be suppressed rather than cure. The goal of treatment is to treat it until it is gone. 

What is the treatment of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria? 

Urticaria is treated with the following medications:
  1. Antihistamines reduces the itch and rash in most people. If urticaria occurs frequently, your doctor will advise you to take antihistamines regularly
  2. Oral steroids can occasionally be given briefly for severe flares of urticaria
  3. Biological injections can be used for severe chronic spontaneous urticaria. This is only available in specialist clinics
  4. Medications that target the immune systems such as ciclosporin are beneficial for people with severe urticaria that has not responded to the above treatment options
The goal of treatment is to achieve symptom control so that your urticaria does not interfere with your daily activities.

How do I self-care?

Apart from taking antihistamines, the following could ease the itch:

  • Wear loose – fitting, lightweight clothes
  • Work or sleep in a cool environment

Please seek medical attention urgently if you experience hoarseness of voice, breathing or swallowing difficulties associated with swelling of the lips or tongue. 

Urticaria - Preparing for surgery

Urticaria - Post-surgery care