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Your Pregnancy Journey in KKH

Your Pregnancy Journey in KKH - What is it for

1st Trimester

Week 8-12

Book a visit with your doctor. Get a dating scan to estimate your due date.
Antenatal blood tests to screen for anaemia, thalassaemia, blood group, antibodies and infections are routinely done.
Protect yourself by getting the flu vaccine.

Week 11-14

The first trimester screening is an optional test which includes a blood test and ultrasound scan to find out if your baby has Down Syndrome.

2nd Trimester

Week 18-21

A 20-week fetal anomaly scan is performed to look at your baby from head to toe, to identify any structural abnormalities.

Week 24-28

Screen for anaemia and gestational diabetes (GDM) with a simple blood test.
Protect your baby by getting the Whooping cough vaccine.

3rd Trimester

Week 28-32

A growth scan is offered in the third trimester to monitor baby's size and well-being.
If you have Rhesus negative blood group, Rhogam injection will be given at week 28.

Week 35-37

It is recommended that a swab is taken from the vagina and rectum, to check if you carry the Group B Streptococcus (GBS), a bacteria which can cause serious infection in your baby.
Consider cord blood donation/banking and start thinking about birth control after your childbirth.

After week 37

Your pregnancy is now considered full-term.
Pack your hospital bag and prepare to welcome your newborn baby.

The information above is also available for download in pdf format.

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