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Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger - What is it for

Does your finger…
  • Ache at the base of the finger
  • Give a catching feeling when moving
  • Get locked?
You may have a trigger finger. We all have tendons, which are structures important for moving our fingers. What happens is the lining of the tendon swells and the tendon is not able to glide smoothly. This results in pain or a catching feeling when you try to move your finger. 

Trigger Finger - Symptoms

Trigger Finger - How to prevent?

Trigger Finger - Causes and Risk Factors

Trigger Finger - Diagnosis

Trigger Finger - Treatments

We will first try non-surgical methods, such as 
  • Hand therapy
  • Wearing a splint
  • Anti-inflammatory medications 
  • Steroid injection to the finger 
If symptoms persist, surgery is recommended. It is a minor procedure performed under local anesthesia, which involves the release of the tendon tunnel to create more space. 

Will it recur?
Sadly, it may, but at a low recurrence rate, especially with non-surgical methods. With surgery, recurrence rate can be as low as <5%.

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger - Preparing for surgery

Trigger Finger - Post-surgery care

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