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Population Health Research Grant (PHRG) (Open Category)

Population Health Research Grant (PHRG) (Open Category)

Closes On
29 Jul 2024
Funding Source
PI Salary Support
Yes. Exceptions may apply.
Funding Per Grant Amount


Academic Appointment
Funding Period
3 years

Foreigner / Singaporean/ Permanent Resident

Call Opens
01 Jul 2024
SMC/SDC Registered


To allow space for researchers to identify emerging areas of need and discover novel ideas that may contribute significantly to health outcomes in the medium- to long-term
Proposals with scope falling within the 2 Research Areas identified below are eligible for application.

  1. Health Promotion and Preventive Health
  2. Health Services Research



Areas of Research

The Population Health Research Grant (PHRG) (Open Category) welcomes applications on all research topics as long as the scope is within the Research Areas as articulated above. However, NMRC would also like to share information on the following Research Themes that have been prioritised by MOH.

  1. Mental Health

  2. Care for Mothers and Children

  3. Population mobilisation and improved access in the "War on Diabetes" and other common chronic diseases 

  4. Efective Use of Technology to Improve Health

  5. Prevention and Preparedness for Healthy Ageing

  6. Care for Complex Patients

  7. Sustainable and Efficient Care Delivery

  8. Palliative Care

  9. Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) Health Systems Research

For more information on the specific questions under each Theme can be found in the Theme Brief document which can be found within the zipped file which you can download from NMRC's website here.




Funding Details

The project can be funded up to $1.95M* (inclusive of up to 30% indirect costs^) for up to 3 years. Projects involving prospective patient/subject recruitment may apply for up to 5 years. 

  • *Applicants can only apply to exceed this cap on a case-by-case basis if they can provide very strong justifications that the proposal can support MOH’s national Population Health priorities.

  • ^IRC not applicable for budget under Research Scholarship vote



  • PI must have a MBBS/BDS/PharmD/MD, and/or PhD and/or other appropriate Postgraduate Qualification (at least a Master’s Degree) in areas relevant to the proposed research.

  • Hold a primary appointment in a local publicly funded institution and salaried by the institution.

  • Be an independent PI with a demonstrated track record of research as evidenced by the award of nationally competitive funding (international funding to be considered on a case by case basis) or substantial publication record.

  • Have access to a laboratory or research program that carries out research in Singapore.

  • Hold a minimum of 9 months employment with a local Singapore institution. Upon award, the PI must agree to fulfill at least 6 months of residency in Singapore for each calendar year over the duration of the grant award.




All applications must be submitted and endorsed by the Host Institution's Director of Research (DOR) online online via IGMS (internet accessible link).

Note: SingHealth PIs are to please refer to your respective Institutional Research Administrators for guidance on internal deadlines and submission procedures set by your institutions.



Contact Person

Ms Mulina Kang




Additional Information

  • Please download the documents using the internet accessible link here.

  • For more information on PHRG (Open Category), please visit NMRC's website using the internet accessible link here.